Resurrecting Hope



  • Free Enrollment
  • Specialized Teaching Techniques
  • Trained Learning Specialists
  • Computer Reinforcement Activities (Planned)
  • Motivation For Reluctant Learners
  • Homework Assistance
  • School Grades Improved
  • Affordable
  • Open Enrollment
  • Phonics & Basic Sight Word Mastery
  • Grades K - 12
  • Convenient Schedule: Monday-Thursday; 4:00PM - 7:00PM
  • Approved Administrator SAT 10, ITBS, Cognitive Abilities/Mental Abilities Tests


The Reading & Math Tutoring Program utilizes special instructional methods that are effective in improving learning skills. These methods include the following unique features:

Specific Skills Pinpointed and Developed
A thorough diagnosis including decoding skills, basic phonics, linguistic concepts, and oral reading enables the teacher to quickly isolate the exact skills the student needs to master in order to increase their reading skills.

Individualized Attention Guaranteed
All students receive personalized instruction while working in a small student/teacher ratio grouping of 1 to 1.

Multi-Sensory Learning Activities Provided
Our teaching methods include a variety of activities involving auditory and visual stimuli. These methods have been proven to be effective in the improvement of a child's ability to learn and retain concepts.

Our teachers are trained to motivate using positive reinforcements to build student confidence and success. Our materials are designed to give immediate success, which heightens motivation.

Mastery Learning Techniques Applied
Our method of teaching incorporates a mastery learning system that provides for review and reinforcement, which results in long-term retention of skills.

Self-Esteem and Confidence Developed
One of our goals in tutoring is to help students feel successful and gain confidence in their skills and abilities while they also learn to feel good about themselves.

Success in School Maximized
Working in conjunction with the schools, we provide an individualized program that is carefully designed to meet school requirements, which can result in higher school grades and achievement.


Upon entering the READING TUTORING PROGRAM, each student is assessed to determine specific strengths and weaknesses. Depending on student needs, the assessment may include reading comprehension, phonics, oral reading fluency, sight word recognition, and linguistic drills. Although commercial reading tests are used by some, they produce little information about each individual student. We have found that the only way to test a student's reading ability and come up with an accurate evaluation is to test him/her individually and in person. In this way, you can pinpoint the problem as well as the cure.


All our teachers are volunteers and have been trained in the specific area of reading to assess and prescribe appropriate programs for students with specific learning problems.


Students are enrolled in the Program during the regular school year, September through May. However, there is no need to wait until a school semester is completed before the student can be enrolled. Just call us when you have decided that your child may need additional help in the area of reading and/or math. We will be very happy to provide that extra help, if space is available.


The READING/MATH TUTORING PROGRAM is offered to the community at NO CHARGE! We exist to allow your child to have the best possible advantage in the educational arena. Our teachers come to us on a voluntary basis without compensation. However, our "pay" is the satisfaction we derive from seeing your child become proficient in mastering the reading/math skills that will propel him/her to success.

If you have any questions, or need additional information, please contact Derek H. Franklin, Minister, at (803) 327-6080 or Glenda Kay Malone, Director, at (803) 493-4037 between the hours of 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday.